cony 2023

Prepare a one-page ePoster document following the specifications below.

Please note, all ePosters must be created as a portrait file, we cannot accept landscape ePosters. You may download one of the Microsoft PowerPoint templates available below to prepare ePoster or create your own.

Once complete, templates must be converted to a PDF file before uploading.

The deadline to upload your ePoster is 5 March 2023.

1a. ePoster specifications

Document length1 page only
FontMinimum 16pt font size, please use a standard font (eg. Arial, Calibri, Helvetica, Tahoma, Times New Roman).
LayoutInclude the abstract title at the top of your poster. Indicate any references and conflicts of interest at the bottom of your poster.
File typePDF (.pdf)
OrientationPortrait orientation
Minimum recommended size

Pixels: 1125 width x 2000 height

Centimeter: 45.72 width x 81.28 height

Inches: 18 width x 32height

ResolutionDPI 300 pixels/inch
Maximum file size5MB
MediaImages, graphs and tables can be included in the ePoster.

Video specification


File type: MP4 only

Length: Maximum 5 minutes long

Quantity: Maximum 1 video per ePoster

File size: Maximum 40MB per video

1b. ePoster Templates

Portrait ePoster Templates

*using a template is not mandatory

*Please note, using a template is recommended, but not mandatory

1c. Convert your document into a PDF file.

All posters must be supplied as a PDF file. If you have created your poster using one of the PowerPoint templates above, please follow the steps below to convert it to a PDF.

   ●    Click File > Save As

   ●    Enter your file name (eg. “Poster number – Abstract Title”)

   ●    Next to ‘Save as type’ select select PDF (.pdf) from the dropdown menu

   ●    Click Save and select the file location. A PDF should automatically download.


2a. Login to ePoser upload site

  ●    Access the ePoster upload site here: https://simul-europe.com/2023/cony

  ●    Enter your username and password

  ●    Click Login


Please note, the most up-to-date versions of Chrome, Firefox or Safari internet browsers are recommended (not Internet Explorer and Edge). 

Your submission details will be visible on the first page. If you would like to view your abstract, please click the read View button.

Please click the Edit button to proceed.

2b. Review ePoster details
Review all details of your ePoster, update any details and enter your keywords.Please note, we are unable to accommodate and request to amend your abstract submission, topic or poster number.
Click Next to confirm and proceed to the next step.
If you need to amend author details, please contact cony@comtecmed.com as soon as possible. We are unable to accommodate any author changes received after Thursday 1 September.
2c. Confirm permission settings

Use this page to select if:

    ●    Registered delegates can download a PDF of your poster

    ●    Registered delegates can send you a direct email

If you have opted to allow delegates to contact you, your contact details will not be published on the platform, messages will be sent anonymously to your email address.

All ePosters will be displayed on the official conference platform throughout the congress and on demand for upto 90 days. It is your responsibility to clear any copyright issues, declare any conflict of interests and seek permission from featured patients where applicable.

2d. Upload ePoster file and pre-recorded video

To upload your ePoster files, click the Select button underneath PDF file heading. Browse and select the file saved on your computer.

If you have chosen to submit an optional pre-recorded video, please also click Select underneath Video File heading and select the file from your computer.

Please wait for the file(s) to upload, this can take a few minutes.

Once uploaded, a green icon will appear beside the file name indicating the upload has been successful. Please wait for the green icon to appear, then click Submit.

If the upload is unsuccessful a red icon will appear beside the file name along with the upload error message. Please check your wifi and the file type before uploading again.

If you continue to have any technical issues please contact support@simul-europe.com.


2e: Review and edit files (as required)

Once you have completed upload, you can view all files by clicking on the red View File or Play now! buttons.

Please review your files to ensure they are correct. You are responsible for checking your documents. If you require any amendments, please click the blue Edit button and return to step 2d.

Need help?

For technical support, please contact our support desk at support@simul-europe.com.

For any questions regarding your registration, poster discussions or attendance at the congress, please contact the event organisers at cony@comtecmed.com.