Instructions for e-Poster submission


Step 1: Prepare your ePoster

Prepare a one page ePoster document in Microsoft PowerPoint or Word. You may download a template to prepare ePoster or create your own. Please note, templates must be converted to a PDF file before uploading.

Portrait ePoster Templates

*using a template is not mandatory

Step 2: Check your ePoster meets the following specifications


English (British)

Document length

1 page only


Minimum 16pt font size, please use a standard font (eg. Arial, Calibri, Helvetica, Tahoma, Times New Roman).


Include the abstract title at the top of your poster.

Indicate any references and conflicts of interest at the bottom of your poster.

File type

PDF (.pdf)


Portrait / vertical orientation



Minimum recommended size

Pixels: 1125 width x 2000 height

Centimeter: 45.72 width x 81.28 height

Inches: 18 width x 32height


DPI 300 pixels/inch

Maximum file size

5MB excluding video

40MB including video


Images, graphs and tables can be included in the ePoster.

Video specification

File type: MP4 only

Length: Maximum 5 minutes long

Quantity: Maximum 1 video per ePoster

File size: Maximum 20MB per video


Step 3: Convert your document into a PDF file.

  • Go to File, Save As
  • Enter your file name, ‘Poster number – Abstract Tile’ recommended
  • From the Save as type dropdown menu, select PDF (.pdf).
  • Click Save.


Step 1: Access ePoser upload site
Open your internet browser (we recommend using Chrome, Firefox or Safari internet browsers. Internet Explorer and Edge are not recommended). Then, go to the e-poster submission WEBSITE.
Step 2: Login
Enter your personal access information (username and password). Please refer to the email sent to you for your login details. Click Login.
Step 3: Select your ePoster
Once you have logged in, your poster(s) will be visible for you to select and upload.To do this, please click the Edit button.
Step 4: Review ePoster details
Review all details of your ePoster, update any details and enter your keywords.
Click Next to confirm and proceed to the next step.
Please note you can only edit Presenting Authors Name and affiliations.
Step 5: Confirm permission settings
If you would like to give permission for other participants to download a copy of your e-poster (in PDF format), please make sure there is a check mark next to “Allow participants to download the e-poster in PDF format”.
If you would like to give permission for other participants to contact you during the conference, please make sure there is a check mark next to “Allow participants to contact you by email during the event”.
If you would like to give permission for posting your e-poster online, please make sure there is a check mark next to “I give permission for my e-poster to be published on the website and displayed at the conference”.
Step 6:
Upload your e-poster and video file by clicking select then browse the file(s) saved on your computer.
After upload you will see a green icon beside the file name indicating the upload has been successful, if the upload is unsuccessful a red icon will appear beside the file name along with the upload error message.
Click on Submit.
Step 7: Review and edit files (as required)
Once you have completed your ePoster upload, you can view all files by clicking on the red View File and Play now! buttons pictured below.
Please review and ensure you have provided the correct files. If you require any amendments, please click the blue Edit button and return to step 3.


Please note, we cannot accept any amendments after the final deadline, Thursday, 23 September 2021.

Need help?

For technical support, please contact our support desk at support@simul-europe.com.

For any questions regarding your registration and attendance at the conference, please contact the event organisers via rcgp.posters@haymarket.com.